‘Quick Ten’ With Spring Interns Carly Duncan & Simone Melton

This spring we had the pleasure of bringing CARLY DUNCAN and SIMONE MELTON to our team as some of the best interns inside the perimeter. As part of the Kennesaw State University Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment in Business Program (MEBUS), these all-stars are studying to become the next great industry professionals by building experience in music, entertainment and special events. We sure will miss having these lovely young ladies in our office and onsite and wish them all the best in their next endeavors! Learn a little more about Carly and Simone by reading their ‘Quick Ten’ interview below!

DSOUTH: Hi Carly and Simone! Thanks for setting aside some time to chat with us! We know you are both students at KSU, but where are you originally from?

CARLY:  I was born in Canton, Georgia. I lived in the same house my whole life until I moved a little north this past September. Now I call Waleska, Georgia home.

SIMONE: I was born in Milwaukee and currently live in Marietta, Georgia.

DSOUTH: What current or past experiences led you to your internship with Destination South?

SIMONE: Currently, I am a full-time media and entertainment student at Kennesaw State University. I also work as a Production Manager for the COGIC International Music Department. The MEBUS program at KSU connected me to Destination South. This has been an awesome way to get hands on experience in the meetings and events industry.

CARLY:  I am currently a student in Kennesaw State University’s MEBUS program. I am majoring in Media and Entertainment and am also completing a certificate program in Music and Entertainment Business. Destination South was a great “next step” for learning more about the events side of the industry!

DSOUTH: What do you like best about being an intern at Destination South?

CARLY:  I really love working with all the people at Destination South. They have taught me so much. The team never fails to answer all my questions, but also gives me creative freedom when I am working on projects. I feel like I have already grown so much since I started working at DSME.

SIMONE: I like the people at DSME. They have been so generous with their knowledge and experience!

DSOUTH: Do you have any favorite events or experiences that you’ve been a part of this spring? Tell us more!

SIMONE: I really enjoy our events at the Georgia Aquarium!

CARLY:  I have been lucky to work on several exciting events, but the Atlanta Science Festival has been my favorite. Not only was the event itself a blast to be a part of, but it was my first event working alongside the operations team. During this event something just clicked, and I knew that the event planning world was for me.

DSOUTH: When and how did you know that working in the event and meetings industry was what you wanted to do?

CARLY:  Working in events is something I have always been interested in. As soon as I joined the DSME team I instantly knew this industry was the one for me. It’s hard for me to explain how or why I knew. It just instantly felt right, and I knew I belonged in this world.

SIMONE: My favorite time of year for the past 10 years was when I worked tirelessly to ensure dynamic concert experiences for 1000+ guests during conventions. Seeing everything you’ve organized come together is always the most rewarding!

DSOUTH: What has been your favorite part of working in Atlanta?

CARLY:  I live in the mountains quite far from the city. I love being able to escape to a slower pace town but still be able to soak in the hustle and bustle of the city. Some people hate the busy feel of Atlanta but seeing everyone else hustle just motivates me to be even more productive.

SIMONE: There is always something new to do and some place to go!

DSOUTH: What is one piece of advice you would share with others that are starting their career in our industry?

CARLY:  For those like me who are still in college, don’t be afraid to explore all the fields you are interested in. There is no better way to find what industry is perfect for you than getting hands-on experience.

SIMONE: Never stop believing in the impossible. If you can dream it, stay focused on it and keep working towards it. It will happen.

DSOUTH: Both of you are incredibly driven! Who has influenced you the most in life or in your career?

SIMONE: Family is very influential for me. My grandmother has influenced me most in life and my father has influenced me most in my career.

CARLY:  My mom is the person who has influenced me the most. She was my biggest inspiration, my number one cheerleader, and my best friend. Although she is no longer with us, I work every day to make her proud.

DSOUTH: If you had to choose just one thing you were most passionate about, what would it be and why?

CARLY:  This is going to sound cliché but being creative and letting that creativity show. On the side, I own and operate my own blog. I love having creative freedom, especially with my writing. My hope is that my words can someday impact someone, even if it’s just one person.

SIMONE: My greatest passion is seeing people accomplish more than the thought they could. It stems from my days in training. There is no greater satisfaction than to see an idea that once seemed impossible manifest into something bigger and better than you imagined.

DSOUTH: You two are wrapping up your semester at KSU in a few weeks. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

CARLY:  There are so many places in this world I want to visit. If I had to choose one it would have to be a beach. I love the ocean so much! I would travel to Greece because all the pictures I’ve seen are stunning.

SIMONE: I’d go to Los Angeles; crazy I know! I’ve never been and I really want to go.

DSOUTH: In wrapping up this ‘Quick Ten’, is there anything that our readers would be surprised to learn about you?

CARLY:   I live pretty far from all of my jobs and school so on any given day I spend two to three hours driving. Thankfully I love music, so I use that time to host my own personal concert led by yours truly.

SIMONE: I once sang back up for Bon Jovi and I love horses.

DSOUTH: You two are awesome and we can’t wait to see what your future holds! Thank you for everything you’ve contributed to our team this semester!