10 Year Anniversary for Destination South's Lorri McQueary!

We’re thrilled to share that this fall marks the 10 year anniversary of Destination South’s Creative & Marketing Director, Lorri McQueary! In her time with Destination South, Lorri has designed and produced numerous award-winning special events with her trademark dedication to exploring new ideas and attention to detail. In her role, she touches all creative aspects of event planning, from scripts and stage design to décor, entertainment, videos and tradeshows. Additionally, Lorri has served the local hospitality community through various associations including, the International Special Events Society (ISES), GA Chapter of MPI (GAMPI) and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB). She was named a Rising Star in 2017 by the Association of Destination Management Executives International (ADMEI) and was also named one of the top planners in Atlanta by Occasions Magazine. In this blog, we ask Lorri to share a little bit more about what makes her tick:

Destination South:  What makes you happy?
Lorri:  In work, it’s the look on a client’s face when we pitch a new idea and they love it instantly. The energy that goes through the room is special. You think, “Whew, we worked so hard on this, and we nailed it.” It doesn’t happen all the time, so it never gets old.
Lorri:  In play, I could go on forever… a fantastic meal or concert in Atlanta with my husband. Taking my two little ones to the High Museum Modern Wing. Any experience that opens up the world for my children in new ways makes me very happy. I get to be there for those firsts – it’s such a gift!

Destination South:  What inspires you?
Lorri:  I’m a big believer in finding inspiration anywhere and everywhere. I’m always inspired by music, movies, graphic design, fashion, interior design and art. The street art scene in Atlanta right now is so exciting (Living Walls is amazing!). Creatives in all of these fields have a tangible impact on event design.

Destination South:  Where do you find creativity?
Lorri:  I’m currently obsessed with Pinterest. I also read lots of blogs and magazines within and outside of our industry. Technology, fashion, events, design, food – reading about whatever I can to try and stay current.

Destination South:  What is the last book you read?
Lorri:  Gone Girl. Don’t ask me about it if you don’t like spoilers!

Destination South:  If you could produce your dream event what type of event would it be?
Lorri:  We watch all “the big ones” – The Academy Awards, MTV Music Awards, etc. It would be a lot of fun to work with entertainment and staging design/production on that scale. I also love the pop-up street experiences that you see brands like Target doing. I want to design something out of a shipping container!

Destination South:  What is the funniest thing that’s happened to you while at Destination South?
Lorri:  It wasn’t funny then, but the day I interviewed, I went to the wrong restaurant. Talk about bad first impressions. I didn’t think they’d call me back after that!

Lorri McQueary Collage DS