A truly successful event is a little bit like an Olympic competition.  We train for the “big day” with each experience we produce. We practice to make it perfect.  And on the day of the gala, festival or opening general session – it’s our client’s time to shine. Everything must be flawless for we will be judged by discerning attendees. Judged on the difficulty of our tricks, our execution or how creative our program was. This is our one shot at the gold!

With Summer right around the corner we’re reminded of one Destination South produced event that felt Olympic in all the most gratifying ways. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the reward after all…

Working closely with our global technology client the WE Party had a focus of giving annual conference attendees a celebratory party experience that would be ‘all the talk’ the next day. We jumped into planning understanding that it was vital for this year’s event to galvanize the region’s reputation for hosting thrilling, unique and operationally perfect events. We gladly set out to create a WE Party event that would create lasting buzz among guests and our client’s company.



The “Show”

As guests arrived they entered by way of a stately red carpet. On each side there was much for them to look at – windows adorned with custom graphics, an overhead marquee announcing the event and a beautiful indoor hedge welcoming guests to “WE Party.” Once inside, guests felt as if they’d stepped into one of Gatsby’s lavish parties. The décor was a seamless flow of stone statues, sculpted animal heads, giant topiaries, white floral arrangements; with the jewel of the room being an elegant square bar placed directly beneath the venue’s enormous crystal chandelier.


The main room of the event was decorated in Art Deco-style. And while the columns, marble floor and chandelier were all architectural features of the venue, we brought in most of the other elements especially for this party. The Art Deco touches were entirely temporary, and the amount of detail was astounding. We brought in custom built surrounds for the four 16’ bars arranged in a square in the atrium, 16’ bar in the back, two DJ booths, and for the venue we brought in concrete planters outside the front door.


Our party elves mischievously embellished the statues with boas and top hats. Guests were invited to participate in dressing up as well with black and white boas and sunglasses. While they enjoyed the interactivity of dress up a unique combination of entertainers brought musical energy into the event. One such highlight was an elegant chanteuse singing with a DJ/keyboardist in a jazz and modern mash up  a program with a unique bohemian sound.


The bar, lounge groupings and buffets were show-stoppers that pulled guests into the venue and to a secondary party in the very back of the space. Through a draped entry guests were able to step into a glamorous dance party. Low light with colorful pops of lighting effects set the ambiance for this event area. The bar area especially was bathed in a colorful lit back wall that drew guests into the room where the dance action was happening. Music in this area was very different than the melodies of the atrium. DJs rotated throughout the night offering a different ambiance based on the flow of event activities  the rotation and beats ramped up with a duo of pounding electro VJs. In this area, guests could also costume themselves in fun party pieces. The lash and stache station was an opportunity for them to get glammed up before entering a photo booth to talk a photograph keepsake of the night. Later in the event glow jewelry worn by attendees transformed the dance floor into a neon light fest.



Having two party areas with food, bars and entertainment offered something for every attendee to enjoy. Being part of the transformation of the venue for guests to enjoy was truly amazing. As the event came to a close it was obvious that no one wanted to go home. And that felt like scoring a perfect 10.