Let's Make GLUEP With The Atlanta Science Festival!

Atlanta Science Festival PlanningWho says festival planning is all work and no play?! Destination South‘s Tim Barrett, CMP and Andi Chaney spent some time with client, the Atlanta Science Festival, recently and learned a thing or two about making GLUEP.  According to the experts, making homemade GLUEP is a great polymer experiment that can be done by all ages…especially ‘Event Savers!’ Below we’re sharing the DIY recipe with you. Enjoy this fascinating project, and playing with GLUEP that sometimes behaves like a liquid and other times behaves like a solid!


Ziploc Bags
30 mL of an Elmer’s Glueall for each person
15 mL of 4% detergent borax (approximately 4g borax in 96g water) Note, can be found in the detergent aisle of store.
Your choice of food coloring if desired

  1. Pour around 30 mL of Elmer’s Glueall into each of the Ziploc bags and add 1-2 drops of food coloring as desired.
  2. To each bag add approximately 15 mL of the borax solution and seal the bag tightly.
  3. Hold the bag upright in one hand and knead the mixture with the other hand for a couple of minutes until it’s well mixed and has gelled.
  4. The GLUEP is safe to handle after it has completely gelled, but be careful as some of the dye can stain clothing/paper.
  5. After the initial mixing is complete, you may continue mixing by hand (kneading) until the desired consistency is reached.
  6. Squeeze out any excess water.

About The Atlanta Science Festival
Atlanta, March 14-25, 2017 – www.atlantasciencefestival.org
The Atlanta Science Festival is an annual public celebration of local science and technology. Curious people of all ages explore the science and technology in our region and see how science is connected to all parts of their lives. Scientists and educators from museums, local schools, universities, and companies uncover mysteries and explain discoveries in a variety of hands-on activities, facility tours, stimulating presentations, and riveting performances to expand our community of science enthusiasts and inspire a new generation of curious thinkers.

Since the inaugural Festival in 2014, the Festival has reached over 100,000 people. Collaborations with 100-plus community partners, including school districts, post-secondary institutions, museums, businesses, civic and community groups facilitated the festival’s success. The Atlanta Science Festival is the proud winner of the 2015 Technology Association of Georgia STEM Education Award for Post-Secondary Outreach. The 2014 Expo was honored to receive the “Best Public Event” award from Association of Destination Management Executives International.

Founded by Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Metro Atlanta Chamber, the Festival is a collaboration among diverse community partners planning a collection of events for young people, families, and adults. The Festival is managed by Atlanta Science Festival Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.